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I just read some interesting stuff on an Italian Mobile phone blog:

Japan is the world's #1 in the mobile business with over 90 million mobile subscribers, of which 78 million are using mobile Internet services and 40 million 3G users, with DoCoMo and KDDI increasing at a rate of 1 million a month each. The 3G has services with speeds up to 2,4 Mbps and next year, the 3,5G services will be live with speeds up to 14 Mbps.

It's interesting because 02 have just launched their 'i-mode' service over here in the UK and it's something I've looked into for a while due to the fact that you can use Flash to build applications for it.

Read the whole article on MobileMonday.it

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Originally published on 2005-11-24 13:19:44 by Rick Curran

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