If you're going to San Francisco...

Well, I'd like to be there today anyway!


MacWorld San Francisco 2006 of course!!! 

It's that time of year when every MacGeek get's all excited wondering what new stuff Apple will announce! You know it's ominous when you try to access the Apple Store UK and you get this screen: 

Apple Store UK Splash screen

So what's new?

I'm just keeping an eye on Macrumorslive.com where there are up to the moment text updates about Steve Jobs keynote talk, this is where all the goodies get announced, so far there's a new remote control with FM tuner for the iPod, I'll update this post in a little while with some more info!!!

Ok, another update, New iMac's running intel processors, and also a new laptop now called the 'MacBook' running on intel too! ooh, baby!

If you've ver thought about buying a Mac then now is a good time!


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