Interesting articles about DRM on

There's a couple of interesting articles about DRM on The first :'DRM: The state of disrepair' mentions a few of the various views voiced since Steve Jobs' 'Thoughts on Music' post on A really interesting part is a table showing the state of DRM on various physical and digital media.

Chart displaying 'the state of disrepair' of Digital Rights Management schemes

The second article: 'Microsoft announces another new DRM: PlayReady' is about a new DRM scheme introduced by Microsoft which is intended for the mobile device market. It's intended to bring DRM capabilities not just for their own formats but for other codecs as well such as H.264 or AAC.

So much for Bill Gates' perspective that DRM has "huge problems"!


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Originally published on 2007-02-20 11:29:11 by Rick Curran

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Left by Rick on 2007-02-20 18:14:45 #

hey rick,

it seems that your blog is now proudly sponsored by drm vendors. i don't know why, but i found it slightly amusing if not ironic.

a nice series of posts btw.

Left by Rick curran on 2007-02-20 19:54:32 #

cheers rick,

yep, i'd noticed that too! it'll interesting seeing what kind of adverts come up related to the subjects i write about!

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