Dreamweaver CC Public Beta

Adobe have just opened up a public beta of a revamped version of Dreamweaver offering a lot of improvements and useful features for modern web development. 

Dreamweaver's had it's share of flack over the years and not all unwarranted, but this new beta looks to shed some of the baggage of its 19 year history with a refreshed user interface and a new code editor based on the Brackets codebase. For someone like me who spends most of the time in code view (and who has split their time between Brackets and Dreamweaver for the last year or so) there's some nice new features in there that make it a more compelling environment for code-first users.

This blog post on the Adobe website highlights the new additions / changes in this beta:

There is also an overview video too:

You can sign up for the public beta here: http://adobe.ly/dw_beta


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