Close cropped picture of Rick Curran

Suburbia is a blog maintained by Rick Curran. It contains writing about digital technology, web design and development, WordPress, photography, graphic design, art, php, css, all things Apple, skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, family, friends and more.

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Rick smithgrind - Photo by Joe Tree

Some facts about Rick:

  • Lives in Dundee, Scotland.
  • Likes to skateboard, snowboard, surf, ride bikes of both the mountain and BMX varieties.
  • Married to a Canadian girl called Anne.
  • Has three children, Natalie who is 15 years old, Gabriella who is 10 years old and Timothy who is 8 years old :)
  • Is a freelance web|graphic|design|develop|er
  • Noob iOS developer
  • Doesn’t play any instruments, but did try to learn bass once.
  • He’s a Mac geek.
  • He frequently Instagrams
Frontside rock - DundeeConcrete.com
Rick snowboarding at the Cairngorms February 2008