Close cropped picture of Rick Curran

Suburbia is a place where I write about things I find interesting such as digital technology, art, design, web development, WordPress, photography, graphic design, skateboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, family, friends and more.

You will also find a “Projects” section with information about some of the projects I’ve developed such as WordPress plugins, mobile / web apps and also various ranges of t-shirt designs that I produce under the “Life-Sized Clothing” brand. 

If you enjoy reading it please take time to leave a comment, it’s great to get feedback about what’s been written, good or bad!


Web Designer / Developer working on front-end and back-end development, Content Management Systems, WordPress and web application development. 25 years experience working in the area of web design and development with a history of study in the areas of graphic design and fine art. Learned HTML back when ‘View Source’ was a viable option ;)

My focus in recent years has been across various aspects of front end and back end development with a keen focus on projects using WordPress, custom theme and plugin development. I have experience developing and managing projects currently as a freelancer and previously within the small agency environment of a company I founded in 1999.

As well as design and development roles I have also undertaken project management and client relationships and pre-sales roles such as liaising with potential clients and supporting existing clients.

You can email me via rickcurran ~at~ gmail – dot – com

Some facts about Rick:

  • Lives in Dundee, Scotland.
  • Likes to skateboard, snowboard, surf, ride bikes of both the mountain and BMX varieties.
  • Married to a Canadian girl called Anne.
  • Has three children, Natalie who is 16 years old, Gabriella who is 11 years old and Timothy who is 8 years old :)
  • Freelance web|graphic|design|develop|er.
  • Noob iOS developer.
  • Background in Design, Fine Art and Web Development.
  • Doesn’t play any instruments, but did try to learn bass once.
  • Long-time Mac geek.
  • Frequently Instagrams.
Rick snowboarding at the Cairngorms February 2008
Frontside rock - DundeeConcrete.com
Rick smithgrind - Photo by Joe Tree