I’ve got various personal projects that I’ve either started or hope to work on sometime. This section of the site is to give a bit of information about these projects. I’ve updated this recently to remove some older projects that are just too out of date to link to anymore.

Is it time to get up yet?

So, it’s the night before your kid’s birthday? Christmas eve? Your kid(s) are too young (or too excited!) to read a clock to see what time it is and whether they are allowed to get up yet or not.

This little mini-web app was designed to show a simple message of “No! Go back to bed!” or “Yes!” depending on whether the time has come or not.


Twitter users face a common problem: How do you fit what you’re trying to say into 140 characters?

A common solution is to reduce words down in size by using shortened forms often referred to as ‘text speak’. However, this method of writing can be difficult to write or understand, so I’ve developed this Twitter web app called Twitterative. Twitterative has two functions: reduce tweets down by translating ordinary english language words into text speak (or should I say ‘txt spk’), or enlarging them from text speak back into ordinary english language.

I’ve written a blog post with a bit more information about it so read “shrink ur twts!” to get more information about it.