WordPress Answers StackExchange site out of beta

A quick short and sweet post as I just realised that I never blogged about the fact that WordPress Answers Stack Exchange site is out of beta and has become a fully fledged StackExchange site! It actually came out of Beta back in February so this post is quite overdue!

It's a really useful site if you are into WordPress theme or plugin development, I posted about the beta a while ago and I've found it useful on quite a few occasions when I've struggled to figure out how to make something work, especially for the WOS Media Categories Plugin that I was working on a while back as well as quite a few other code issues I've had with recent client projects.

Whether it's for help with your own WordPress issues or if you've got skills and a bit of time to share helping others figure out their WordPress issues then I'd definitely recommend getting involved with the site.

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Originally published on 2011-05-16 23:39:25 by Rick Curran

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